21 March 2015

Funeral Requests

A couple of weeks ago I was planning to go to Divine Liturgy, but was feeling too ill in the morning to make it to any, so I went to a noon Mass. I don’t remember why but the older lady who sat in front of me began talking to me as we were leaving the Church. When she realized I was a Secular Franciscan, she said, “Oh, that will be nice when you die.”

I smiled because I know that may sound odd to most persons, but I knew what she was referring to. Although the Secular Franciscan Order does not wear a habit, even though the Tau Cross is sometimes referred to as our habit (we’ve been told not to do this anymore to avoid any confusion), there is the tradition that Secular Franciscans can be buried in the habit of the Religious Franciscans. This is what this nice lady was referring to when she made that easily misinterpret-able comment.