24 January 2015

15 Phrases Catholic Don’t Want to Hear

I came across an article on CatholicLink called 15 Typical Catholic Reactions to 15 Typical Phrases that We Typically Don’t Want to Hear. For the most part, I don’t mind hearing these phrases. However, if the person is making them in a particularly nasty way, there is a possibility I won’t sugar coat my answer.  Actually, most likely I will sugar coat it, but these are the underlying ideas that may not be apparent in my words:

22 January 2015

How to Shut an Idiot Up

I’ve noticed that when a topic is emotionally charged, people often lose the faculties of logic and reason. Topics of morality and religion are always emotionally charged. This is because they are the most important topics there are. If you doubt me, try debating a person on whether on not these are the most important topics there are. But be careful, there’s a good chance this person will lose the faculties of logic and reason. (You may laugh now, or at least smile.)

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom is the most important human right. Forcing religious views on anyone is a grave violation of a person’s dignity. In truth, the imposition of religious views does not inspire devotion and love, but either resentment and hatred or fanaticism and hatred. Even the rejection of all religions is itself a religious belief that all must be given the freedom to believe. Only when all have such freedom and this freedom of others is respected, true dialogue and friendship can exists between those of different religious beliefs.

20 January 2015

Theophany 2015

I was beginning to switch from various liturgical calendars quite regularly. While switching between the Ordinary Form of the Roman Liturgies and the Extraordinary Form does become a bit too much, once you throw in an Eastern liturgical calendar or two and then switch between the Old (i.e. Julian) and New (i.e. Gregorian) calendars, it becomes even more "too much." Although this will allow you to celebrate a feast two or three (or even four) times, it is easier to maintain a less chaotic prayer life by just following one calendar. Thus, my New Year's resolution for 2015 was to only follow the liturgical calendar of my home parish.

Well... January is not even over, and I've already broken my New Year's resolution. I celebrated the Great Feast of Theophany on a calendar other than that of my home parish.