18 April 2014

Washing Women's Feet

Every year we hear commentaries on the controversy about who should have their feet washed during the Mandatum, which was reintroduced into the liturgy by Pope Pius XII in 1955. The arguments that it should be open to everyone are quite valid, particularly since the legitimate interpreter of this law, the pope, interprets it that way. The argument that it must be adult males to represent the 12 Apostles is a good point, but has no basis in the present law. (The actual number of persons to have their feet washed is not indicated. The law only indicates it is symbolic of service, not of the Apostles.) The only valid argument that it must be adult males is the use of the word viri. However, this can easily be changed and the example of the Holy Father indicates that it should be changed. The problem is that such changes only take place when there is major controversy; therefore, both sides have to dig their heels in and fight like cats and dogs so the Magisterium can give us some clarity. It took rioting in the streets to clear up some controversies, but I hope we don’t have to go to that extreme.

03 April 2014

John Paul II's Message to Russia

I just made this video combining video from, soon to be, Saint John Paul II's trip to Poland and audio from his trip to England. I believe this would be his message to Russia.

Pray for Ukraine and for all the Slavic nations.