30 September 2013

Power of a Woman

Woman is the most powerful creature, much more powerful than man. This is even demonstrated in the way woman was created. Man was created from the dust of the earth. He is connected with the land; with work and toil. This is also how all of the animals were created; thus man is more closely connected to the animals than woman is. Woman was created out of the side of man; out of relationship. She was begotten, one could say, from man.

It is in relationships that we find meaning and power. The word person itself is defined by relationship and communion. This is why we say there are Three Persons in the Holy Trinity.

St. Jerome and the Vernacular

St. Jerome: the first to translate the entire Bible into the vernacular. That is, unless you consider Greek the vernacular. In which case the New Testament was written in the vernacular (except possibly the Gospel of St. Matthew) and the Septuagint was the first translation into the vernacular. Of course, you could also say that Hebrew is the vernacular because us slaves just don’t understand the language of the Master.

I guess we have to use the vernacular no matter what language we choose until we celebrate the Eternal Divine Liturgy in Heaven. But will we fully understand the true Liturgical Language? It seems we will spend eternity contemplating, but never fully understanding, the true Liturgical Language: The Eucharist/Incarnation, the mystérium fídei.