14 August 2013

The Death of Mary

Some Catholics believe that Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, did not die. They imagine that when she was assumed into heaven, it was much like the ascension of Our Lord, only without the preceding death and resurrection. Although Pope Pius XII said, “having completed the course of her earthly life,” and not “having died,” when defining the Dogma of the Assumption, Munificentissimus Deus must be read in context and in its fulness.

08 August 2013

Are You A Board Catholic?

Severe and Debilitating Condition

Please pray for me. I have a very severe and debilitating condition. It seems both of my parents are carriers of a hereditary disorder, which was passed on to me when I was conceived, called original sin. The stain of this disorder was corrected 21 days after I was born with a procedure called baptism. However, the fallen nature of this disorder remained, even after this cleansing and life giving procedure.