13 April 2013

Getting Ripped with Lymphoma

My first article for EliteFTS has been publish.

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07 April 2013

No Guns in Canada

I have a number of readers from the United States of America, and I’ve been thinking that perhaps they might be thinking that I’ve been rather harsh on their country. Don’t get me wrong, I think the U.S.A. is a pretty good country. I like Canada because, well, I’m Canadian. That doesn’t mean I’m any less harsh on Canadian governments. I mean, what’s not to like about a government that destroys all evidence of the most advanced fighter jet ever developed so all the smart people that developed it leave Canada and go work for NASA, and then buys some soon to be discontinued nuclear-tipped anti-aircraft missiles from the U.S.A. Destroy all evidence of something that could make us some money? Send all the smart people out of the country? Buy some other country's weapon that can blow up enemy aircraft with a nuclear explosion? Let’s face it, you’ve got much better used car salesmen running your country (no offence to used car salesmen).

04 April 2013

Communicants Supporting Same Sex Unions

There are some Catholics that are wondering if they can receive Holy Communion if they support same sex unions. It is absolutely wonderful that they are asking themselves such a question because most Catholics receive Holy Communion regardless of if they should or not. But in a way, it is rather sad that they have to wonder about something that should be so obvious. Supporting same sex unions not only denies the sacramental nature of marriage, it denies the very essence of marriage. As well, by supporting same sex unions, even if you don’t actually call them a marriage, you are encouraging others to commit an intrinsically evil and sinful act (i.e. mortal sin). It is a mortal sin to encourage others to commit a mortal sin. If you commit a mortal sin, you cannot receive Holy Communion until you have taken this sin to Confession, otherwise you commit another mortal sin.

03 April 2013

I Support Gay Marriage

You read that headline correctly. I support gay marriage. I believe all marriages should be gay at times. I also believe that redefining words is a tool used by the Evil One to push his evil agenda.

You can ask pretty much anyone that knows me to find out that I am quite often very gay. However, you will also find out that I have never had any homosexual inclinations. You see, until recently, the word gay had a very different definition than what is currently being applied to it today. This has impoverished our language as we now have no word to express the reality of gaiety. Instead, we are left with a word defining a scientific impossibility.

01 April 2013

Is Denial from Holy Communion a Punishment?

If anyone received the e-mail at the bottom of this blog post and is a bit worried or concerned, I suggest you take note of the date of this e-mail and the date the “directive” was issued. You may also want to click on the source document, which explains that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the life and mission of the Church. However, perhaps you are concerned about something serious in this e-mail.

Many are unaware that all Catholics are obliged to assist at Mass on all Holydays of Obligation, which includes every Sunday (the Vigil Mass the evening before counts). If one does not assist at Mass on these days without being prevented by a serious reason, it is a grave negligence that must be taken to the Sacrament of Confession before receiving Holy Communion again.

This means that all C&E Catholics cannot receive Holy Communion unless they first go to Confession. And, the Confession is invalid if they have no intention of not committing this sin again.