14 August 2012

Assistant vs. Associate

I recently wrote an e-mail to Fr. Edward McNamara through ZENIT regarding an issue that I've sought a definitive answer on in the past, but have only received ambiguous answers, none of which were definitive. To my surprise, Fr. McNamara personally replied to my e-mail. Since it was a personal reply, I assumed that it would not be publish on ZENIT, so I ask Fr. McNamara for permission to post his answer on my blog, which he gave.

This was my e-mail to him. There is no address because I was sending it to the ZENIT liturgy column, and wasn't sure who exactly would receive it. Fr. Edward McNamara, by the way, is professor of liturgy (Professore Ordinario di Teologia Sacramentaria e Liturgia) at the Regina Apostolorum University.