21 May 2012

The Lost and the Lame

I have a terrible sense of humour. At times, it can be one of my greatest strengths, but at other times, it’s my greatest fault. I have a number of other faults that were much worse than my terrible sense of humour, but through prayer, hard work, spiritual direction, confession, and even some psychotherapy, they’ve improved considerably. So I’m hopeful that my sense of humour will become less terrible.

My sense of humour is usually quite sarcastic and usually so quick that it’s out of my mouth before I consider the consequences. What are these consequences? I sometimes appear insensitive, self-righteous, and harsh.

15 May 2012

Tattoo Taboos

I just found this article on the National Catholic Register. I remember doing the interview, but I was never informed that it was published. I'm four years late finding out about it, but I guess it's better late than never.

Catholics Debate the Morality of Body Art