23 March 2011

Not the Gospel of Life

Bishop Fred B. Henry of Calgary, Alberta graciously gave me permission to post this article on my website as it doesn't appear to be anywhere else on the internet.
I am opposed to the travelling photo-mural exhibit which compares abortion to historically recognized forms of genocide. Although it is a moot point as to whether or not we are dealing with genocide, and I think not, that is not the core reason for my opposition.

Ban on Displaying a Dead or Mutilated Body

I'm very interested to see what kind of comments are left on LifeSiteNews' story, Law banning ‘sex-change’ surgery proposed in Lithuania. The story itself is interesting, but what really caught my attention was this additional information:
Lithuania is leading Europe in implementing legislation that protects the family, natural marriage, and the country’s children from the more detrimental effects of the sexual revolution.

In 2009, the Seimas [Lithuania’s parliament] passed the Law on the Protection of Minors Against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information, which went into effect in March of 2010.

19 March 2011

Graphic Images of Aborted Babies

This is an open letter to his grace, Rev. Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton.

Your Grace,

I appreciated your clarification about the Alberta bishops' stance on the public display of graphic images of aborted babies on your March 9th post on your blog. As soon as I read it, I put it on my RSS feed External Webpages that RJ Likes. I believe these images have their place, but that place is not where the general public will indiscriminately see them.

11 March 2011

New American Bible, Revised Edition

Remember how excited I got a couple of months ago about a new translation of the Bible coming out? Do you remember my disappointment the next day when I realized I had missed the sentence, "It retains the 1986 edition of the New Testament"? Well, it came out two days ago, and yesterday I found time to make an inquiry over the phone about it. However, it wasn't until today that I found time to write about it.

07 March 2011

The Fathers Know Best

I've often wanted to read the Church Fathers. A couple of time I even attempted to read the three volumes by William A. Jurgens from cover to cover, but I never got far. Jurgens is a reference book and not meant to be read from cover to cover.

When I first heard about The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin, I thought to myself, "That sounds like a nice book, but do I really need another reference book? I've got Jurgens on my bookshelf and the complete Nicene Fathers, Post-Nicene Fathers, and Ante-Nicene Fathers on my computer." So, I didn't buy it.

05 March 2011

Two solitudes

I stopped reading the National Post when they misreported the pope's comments about condom use; however, someone told me I should read the article Two solitudes. This article gets somethings right and somethings wrong. Actually, the things it gets right contradict what it gets wrong.