20 January 2010

Not Really Pro-Choice

The term pro-choice is misleading and inaccurate. Those that say they are pro-choice are not really pro-choice. It may sound good, but being totally pro-choice is absurd. There are some choices that should not be allowed. No one should be given the choice of driving 200 km/h or 30 km/h (remember, I'm Canadian) in a school zone, especially when kindergarten is letting out. No one should be given the choice of stealing a $40,000 car or paying for it. No one should be given the choice of killing a person, whether that person is an abortion practitioner  or a fetus (the word fetus, by the way, is Latin for "young one").

06 January 2010

Happy Epiphany

or if you're Eastern Rite, Happy Theophany
or if you're on the Julian calendar, Merry Christmas
or if your bishop thinks Epiphany shouldn't be on a weekday, Happy Wednesday After Epiphany

I celebrated Epiphany twice this year, both times in the Roman Rite, and both times in my home diocese. On the 3rd I assisted at Sunday Epiphany Mass at my local parish, and today I assisted at an FSSP Epiphany Mass. FSSP is for Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter). If you want to know more about the FSSP, visit their website: http://fssp.org