22 July 2009

Why Wasn't Hitler Excommunicated?

I've been asked two questions concerning Hitler's relationship with the Catholic Church that seem to demonstrate the Church's culpability in the Holocaust: Why wasn't Hitler excommunicated from the Catholic Church? And, why wasn't Mein Kampf put on the Index of Forbidden Books?

09 July 2009

Stephen Harper Pockets a Consecrated Host

It looks like Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper put a consecrated host in his pocket after Archbishop André Richard gave It to him during the funeral Mass for former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc. Watch the video below:

It seems that some devout Catholics are outraged by this and want a public apology. I even read one headline on the internet that said, "Canadian PM Commits Sacrilege." Sacrileges have been committed and public apologies should be made; however, Mr. Harper is not guilty of sacrilege and he should not be the one to apologise.

08 July 2009

Scientists Create Human Sperm From Embryonic Stem Cells

On June 18, 2008, I left the following comment on Doug and Adele's blog Journey to Therese:
Men are only a temporary necessity until women have a better technology. In the future, women will be able to clone themselves with the DNA of another woman's egg. They'll both have the the X chromosomes so there won't be any more men. Face it, women will win the battle of the sexes!

I first heard of such an idea when I was in high School (last year was my 20 year reunion). LifeNews.com reports today that we're one step closer to making this science fiction a reality.