26 February 2009

Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples

In my Weekly Thought titled Contra-Sexual, I end with the following statement:
While "homosexual" acts are sinful and cannot be condoned, so are hatred and discrimination. The argument I make about same sex attractions being disordered must not be used to discriminate against people with these attractions. The only Christian response to persons with same sex attractions is love and compassion.

No person that claims to be a Christian can discriminate against anyone who has same sex attractions. This, however, does not mean that a Christian should allow legislation to pass that would allow what is call "same sex marriages." Stopping same sex couples from joining in what they call a "marriage" is not discrimination, but is the only responsible thing to do for these couples and for society.

02 February 2009

Fr. Richard Rohr O.F.M.

I naively  found another heterodox author: Fr. Richard Rohr O.F.M. I started reading his book Jesus' Plan for a New World last June. After a couple of chapters, I took a little break from it so that I could read the new translation of John Paul the Great's theology of the body, Man and Woman He Created Them. After completing Man and Woman He Created Them and a couple other books, I picked up Jesus' Plan for a New World again. I've now read the fist half of it, but have no desire to read the rest.