14 December 2009

Merry Christ Mass

Merry Christ Mass

Something inside me snapped a couple weeks ago. I saw this great big lit up sign in my hometown that said, "Season's Greetings." Immediately the design for the button to the left came into my mind. It's not "Season's Greetings," but "Merry Christmas." And, Christmas is short for "Christ's Mass" or "Christ Mass." We celebrate the coming of Christ with Mass. Click on the image to get your own "Merry Christ Mass" button.

05 December 2009

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

Personally, I believe that Obama will go down in history as the president that did the most damage to America; however, other than bowing to a Muslim king, this video exposes none of the actual harm he has done. Not only does Obama not admit that he is a Muslim in this video, no evidence is given to prove that he is. Much is implied, but nothing is proven.

14 October 2009

All are Called to Sainthood, Even Politicians

Do you know who made these two statements:
"I always said that you should not have your religion interfere with government policies or with the policies of the people."

"I am a Catholic and a very dedicated Catholic, but that does not interfere with my decision-making..."

No, it wasn't one of the Kennedys. Close though. It was Eunice's son-in-law, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

26 September 2009

Dr. Williams' Dishonest Scholarship

If a dishonest scholar cannot support a claim or theory with any authoritative sources, and is therefore left with either the conclusion that the facts are inconclusive or that he is wrong, he can do one of three things (remember that he's dishonest, so he can't admit he's wrong):

25 September 2009

Hamas Plays Host to Pedophilia

A friend of mine sent me a rather disturbing e-mail today describing a mass wedding sponsored by Hamas in which most of the grooms were in their mid to late twenties and most of the brides were under the age of ten. The e-mail went on to describe how pedophilia is not only acceptable in Islam, but Muhammad himself even engaged in it and the Qur'an sanctions it. I found this e-mail very disturbing not because it it describes pedophilia, but because it reeked  of slander.

17 September 2009

Reproductive Health?

This is the opening paragraph to an article I just read from LifeNews.com (http://www.lifenews.com/state4423.html):
Washington University has joined forces with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Planned Parenthood of St. Louis to train abortionists. It is called the Family Planning Fellowship Program, and its stated goal is to "develop tomorrow's leaders in reproductive health."

The last two words made me stop and think: "Shouldn't reproductive health involve reproduction?"

14 August 2009

Obama is good for America

I really didn't think Barack Obama would become President of the United States of America. I didn't think Americans would be so foolish. In particular, I thought  Catholic Americans would listen to their bishops who did everything they could to say not to vote for Obama without crossing the line of actually saying who to vote or not vote for. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Many of these "Catholics" don't even know who their bishop is (if you do go to Mass, the name of your bishop gets mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer).

03 August 2009

The Shoes of the Fisherman

I watched the movie  The Shoes of the Fisherman around twelve years ago, and from what I remember, I thoroughly enjoyed it. After learning more about the Eastern Churches and, in particular, the person whom the lead character of this movie is based on, I decided I would have a better appreciation for the story, so I bought the book. It was a well written book, but now that I've finished it, I feel that my time would have been better spent reading something more inspirational.

Year 2038 Problem (Y2K32)

Remember the last few years leading up to the year 2000? Everyone was talking and worrying about the Y2K bug. I was quite confident back then, and still firmly believe today (although I haven't looked for actual proof), that a lot of computer programmers made a lot of money by not doing much of anything. I doubt that there were more than a small number of Y2K bugs, and that they were very easily fixed or had negligible impact on business.

22 July 2009

Why Wasn't Hitler Excommunicated?

I've been asked two questions concerning Hitler's relationship with the Catholic Church that seem to demonstrate the Church's culpability in the Holocaust: Why wasn't Hitler excommunicated from the Catholic Church? And, why wasn't Mein Kampf put on the Index of Forbidden Books?

09 July 2009

Stephen Harper Pockets a Consecrated Host

It looks like Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper put a consecrated host in his pocket after Archbishop André Richard gave It to him during the funeral Mass for former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc. Watch the video below:

It seems that some devout Catholics are outraged by this and want a public apology. I even read one headline on the internet that said, "Canadian PM Commits Sacrilege." Sacrileges have been committed and public apologies should be made; however, Mr. Harper is not guilty of sacrilege and he should not be the one to apologise.

08 July 2009

Scientists Create Human Sperm From Embryonic Stem Cells

On June 18, 2008, I left the following comment on Doug and Adele's blog Journey to Therese:
Men are only a temporary necessity until women have a better technology. In the future, women will be able to clone themselves with the DNA of another woman's egg. They'll both have the the X chromosomes so there won't be any more men. Face it, women will win the battle of the sexes!

I first heard of such an idea when I was in high School (last year was my 20 year reunion). LifeNews.com reports today that we're one step closer to making this science fiction a reality.

27 June 2009

Archbishop Orsenigo Celebrates Hitler's Birthday

Since, as my last post states, there are no photographs of Eugenio Pacelli and Hitler together, either before or after Pacelli became pope, the next best thing to discredit Pope Pius XII is a photograph of Hitler with the man that succeeded Pacelli as Papal Nuncio to Germany. Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo held this office from 1930 to 1945, which meant it was his job to represent the Vatican to whatever German government was in power. At first, it was the Weimar Republic, the president of which was Paul von Hindenburg (the photograph in my last post was of Pacelli leaving a birthday reception for von Hindenburg). Soon after von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, the Weimar Republic gave way to the Third Reich, and it was to Hitler and his government that Archbishop Orsenigo had to direct all Vatican negotiations and diplomacy.

18 June 2009

Photographic Evidence of the Pope Meeting Hitler

In an e-mail discussion with someone, I was told, "Just do a google and you will see many pictures of the Pope and Hitler together." The implication is that if they were photographed together, they must be collaborators, or the very least, on friendly terms. This, of course, is a faulty argument because before Eugenio Pacelli became Pope Pius XII, he was papal nuncio to Germany. This meant that it was his job to represent the Vatican to whatever German government was in power.

17 June 2009

Is Bristol Palin Promiscuous?

I haven't watched David Letterman since I was in high-school (my 20 year reunion was last year, so he must be getting pretty old); however, this exchange between him and Governor Sarah Palin has caught my attention. It's not the crudeness of Letterman's joke that caught my attention (although I did send an e-mail to CBS through the American Family Association asking for an apology). What really caught my attention was the environment in which this joke was deemed acceptable.

11 June 2009

Feisty Timor Leste Bucks Abortion Lobby, Upholds Right to Life

I applaud the small, Catholic nation of East Timor for standing up to the big, pro-abortion organisations of the United Nations. Don't back down.

Read the full story:


08 June 2009

Pro-Life Means Pro-LIFE

I've been following the George Tiller story, and there's one thing I just don't understand: Why are so many pro-abortion advocates drawing a connection between this killing and the pro-life movement? Anyone with any acquaintance with the pro-life movement will know the aim of this movement is the protection of life from conception to natural death. This means that the pro-life movement entails a lot more than just an anti-abortion agenda. The agenda also includes being anti-euthanasia, anti-human cloning, anti-human embryonic stem cells research and anti-death penalty (It should also include being anti-contraception, but I'm not going to debate that right now).

07 June 2009

In God We Trust?

The following quote comes from Wikipedia:
In God We Trust is the official motto of the United States and the U.S. state of Florida. The motto first appeared on a United States coin in 1864 during strong Christian sentiment emerging during the Civil War, but In God We Trust did not become the official U.S. national motto until after the passage of an Act of Congress in 1956. It is codified as federal law in the United States Code at 36 U.S. 302, which provides: "'In God we trust' is the national motto".

Now that President Obama has made it clear that America is not a Christian nation, this motto must be changed. This is my suggestion based on what seems to be the number one basis of faith in the present U.S. administration:
"In Condoms we trust."

23 May 2009

How to make a kosher baby


This story about the procedures orthodox Jews can go through to use in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination is missing one very important piece of information: natural family planing is nearly three times more successful and far cheaper.

Andrey Sheptytsky and Josyf Slipyj

Fr. Thomas J. Loya's  interview with Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky on the November 12, 2006 broadcast of Light of the East has really captured my imagination. So much so, that I bought the books Pray for God's Wisdom: The Mystical Sophiology of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptystky by Fr. Chirovsky and Christian social Ethics in Ukraine: The Legacy of Andrei Sheptytsky by Andrii Krawchuk from the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies at Saint Paul University.

I particularly enjoy the little story about Fr. Chirovsky and his grandmother praying for Archbishop Slipyj.

01 May 2009

Mandatory Marriage

All Protestant Fundamentalists will admit that both Christ and St. Paul encourage celibacy for the Kingdom for those that can accept it (cf. Matthew 19:12, 1 Corinthians 7:32-38). The reason for celibacy for the Kingdom is so that one can devote himself wholly  to God. Everyone has the right to choose a life of celibacy. Well, almost everyone.

29 April 2009

By His Own Power

For a number of reasons, I'm a little more than a month behind in most of my projects right now (actually, I'm a whole year behind in one project). This is why I took a three week break in my podcasts over Easter instead of only one. Seven weeks ago, I heard someone say something theologically incorrect, and it's taken until now before I address it. I didn't correct this person at the time because in this situation I had to look up specific biblical passages to back up my correction. It was actually the beginning of the Intercessions in Tuesday's Morning Prayer that prompted me to finally get busy on this one.

This is the erroneous theological statement that I heard:
"Christ did not rise from the dead of his own accord. God raised him from the dead."

15 April 2009

Mandatory Celibacy Caused the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

It is quite common for people to point to priestly celibacy as the cause of the clergy sex abuse scandal. Many have the idea that if priests were allowed to get married, they wouldn't have to suppress their sexual desires, and therefore would not fall into immoral sexual relationships. Anyone that holds such ideas is actually ignorant of the meaning of marriage, as they are of the meaning of  celibacy.

13 April 2009

Married Clergy?

This topic has come up yet again in an e-mail discussion, so I decided to address it on my blog so that the next time it comes up, I can direct people  to this page.

There is married clergy in the Catholic Church. There always has been. Both married and celibate men can be ordained to the diaconate; however, once ordained, a man cannot marry. If he freely choses to devote himself wholly to God through celibacy (cf. Matthew 19:12, 1 Corinthians 7:32-37) before ordination, he must remain celibate. If he was married before ordination and his wife dies after he is ordained, he cannot remarry but must remain celibate. It became the norm in the Latin Rite to only ordain celibate deacons to the presbyterate (priests). It became the norm in all of the rites of the Catholic Church to only ordain celibate presbyters to the episcopate (bishops).

Canada is Now Using an Approved Lectionary

I had a pleasant surprise this last Saturday afternoon. As I passed by the ambo during the practice for Easter Vigil, I noticed that the Lectionary looked different. Actually, at first I thought that it was some other book that someone had placed on the ambo. Upon a closer examination, I realised that it was in fact a Lectionary; and not just any Lectionary, the new Canadian Lectionary approved by the Vatican, which I had been waiting years for.

26 February 2009

Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples

In my Weekly Thought titled Contra-Sexual, I end with the following statement:
While "homosexual" acts are sinful and cannot be condoned, so are hatred and discrimination. The argument I make about same sex attractions being disordered must not be used to discriminate against people with these attractions. The only Christian response to persons with same sex attractions is love and compassion.

No person that claims to be a Christian can discriminate against anyone who has same sex attractions. This, however, does not mean that a Christian should allow legislation to pass that would allow what is call "same sex marriages." Stopping same sex couples from joining in what they call a "marriage" is not discrimination, but is the only responsible thing to do for these couples and for society.

02 February 2009

Fr. Richard Rohr O.F.M.

I naively  found another heterodox author: Fr. Richard Rohr O.F.M. I started reading his book Jesus' Plan for a New World last June. After a couple of chapters, I took a little break from it so that I could read the new translation of John Paul the Great's theology of the body, Man and Woman He Created Them. After completing Man and Woman He Created Them and a couple other books, I picked up Jesus' Plan for a New World again. I've now read the fist half of it, but have no desire to read the rest.

31 January 2009

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

In my last post about Fr. McBrien’s new book, I gave a quote from St. Augustine of Hippo's Sermon 295, On the Feast of the Martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Here is a different translation of that quote by William A. Jurgens:
Before His suffering the Lord Jesus Christ, as you know, chose His disciples, who He called Apostles. Among these Apostles almost everywhere Peter alone merited to represent the whole Church. For the sake of his representing the whole Church, which he alone could do, he merited to hear: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven." For it was not one man, but the unity of the Church, which received those keys. In that way, therefore, Peter's own excellence is foretold, because he acted the part of the unity and totality of the Church herself, when to him it was said, "I hand over to you," what was in fact handed over to all.

26 January 2009

The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism

I don’t have time to waste reading literature that is at odds with orthodox Catholic teaching, so I didn’t spend more than an hour reading Fr. Richard McBrien’s new book The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism. First off, no one should trust a book regarding doctrine that does not have an Imprimatur. An Imprimatur is an official declaration by a bishop that a work is free from error in matters of doctrine and morals. In rare cases this declaration by a bishop can be overruled by the Vatican (papal primacy). The Church: The Evolution of Catholicism does not have an Imprimatur.

23 January 2009

Catholics for Choice

I just learnt this morning that Catholics for a Free Choice have changed their name to Catholics for Choice. For those that don't know what Catholics for Choice is, it's a group of people that want to be called "Catholic" but don't want to accept all Catholic doctrines, such as the doctrine that abortion is intrinsically evil.

By definition, a Christian that does not accept all Catholic doctrines is a heretic; therefore, Catholics for Choice should call themselves Heretics for Choice. Actually, as I said on October 21, 2005, the Greek word for choice is αιρεσις (hairesis), form which we get the word heresy, so what they should really call themselves is Heretics for Heresy.