26 September 2008

Canadian Bishops issue pastoral message to mark 40th anniversary ofHumanae Vitae

At the close of their 2008 Plenary Assembly which met in Cornwall, 22-26 September, the Bishops of Canada issued a pastoral letter, titled “Liberating Potential”, which invites all the faithful “to discover or rediscover,” the message of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae, issued by Pope Paul VI in 1968.


19 September 2008

Federal Election 2008 Guide

This is a must read for all Canadian Catholics:


I really like the first sentence of paragraph 13:
In addition, the principle of choosing “the lesser evil” may also apply.

Remember that both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition were so-called "Catholic" when abortion was legalised in Canada.

13 September 2008

For us XXX and for out salvation

On the Memorial of St. John Chrysostom, I will tell you about an abuse I witnessed during his Divine Liturgy (actually, there were a couple of abuses, but I’ll just tell you about one). This summer I attended a Divine Liturgy that was celebrated in a Latin Rite chapel. I’m pretty sure everyone there was Latin Rite except for the presiding Byzantine priest. To help us Romans through the Byzantine Liturgy, some little books were handed out. I’m familiar with these little books because my fiancĂ©e’s parish uses them. They were The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom published by the Synod of the Hierarchy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

10 September 2008

Eastern Churches have their own Code of Canon Law

I knew they had there own Code of Canon Law, but I didn't know these specifics:
Q: Many Catholics don't know that Eastern Churches have their own Code of Canon Law. What sort of differences are there between the two codes?

28 August 2008

Toxic causes of mental illness are overlooked

This is an important article by Dr. Stephen J. Genuis. I recommend all mental health practitioners and clients read it.


20 July 2008

Speak out Against Morgentaler

This is one of the easiest 'NO' votes you can make.

Please call immediately. I just did. You don't have to say anything.....

If you do not approve of Dr. Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada award kindly call this number:


19 July 2008

The Missing Links

Last Tuesday I saw EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, which I promoted with RJ's Featured Link on May 23, 2008. It was a good movie, although a little over done. I doubt any evolutionist would take it seriously. It spent too much time presenting how Hitler used evolution to justify his brutal plan for world domination with eugenics, and didn't say anything about how Stalin and Marx did the same thing. It also didn't say anything about the biggest hole in the theory of evolution: the missing link.

09 May 2008

The Right to Abort Shouldn't End At Birth

This week I'm going to use a lot of sarcasm. I want to make it very clear that I'm being sarcastic so that I'm not misinterpreted. Abortion is a painfully serious topic, and I hope that with my sarcasm, I can shock pro-choicers into seeing how evil it really is. I believe that all forms of murder are wrong; from abortion to euthanasia.

Now that the straight talk is over, on with the sarcasm.

If we're going to have abortion, we should have it all the way. The right to abortion shouldn't end with the birth of the child but with the death of the mother.

15 February 2008

Persecution Bases on Sexual Morality

When my brother-in-law was in the Lutheran seminary eighteen year ago, he said that in the future Christians would be persecuted based on their sexual morality. Gay rights would take precedence over religious freedom. Anyone teaching that practicing homosexuality is immoral will be legally charged with hate crimes. He said this eighteen years ago, and it is coming true today.

In Canada we have the Canadian Human Rights Commission and a provincial commission for each province except British Columbia. These commissions are empowered by Canadian law to investigate allegations of offensive speech. Once their investigation is completed, these cases are brought before the respective human rights tribunal for adjudication. In British Columbia, allegations of offensive speech are brought directly to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.