17 June 2005

Redemptive Suffering

I'm sick; so sick that I haven't been able to work since the fall of 1998. Not being able to work has given me great deal of time to devote to reading, writing, and praying; although, I have accomplished less than a quarter of the reading, writing, and praying I could have accomplished given the same amount of time and no illness. As the world sees it, the larger portion of the last seven years of my life has been a waste. I must admit that it has been a struggle, very hard struggle, to accept my illness and view this time as not being wasted, but as an opportunity to share in Christ's suffering.

Accepting suffering is counterculture, even among many Christians. The fear of suffering has caused many to do just the opposite, and reject suffering. It has been suggested to me by some well meaning, but misguided, Christians that I should bind the spirit of depression and the spirit of psychosis, and reject them in the Name of Jesus Christ. I do not take this advice, nor do not let these people pray over me because such action would be based totally on fear, and would only create more fear, which is exactly what Satan wants. The more one accepts his suffering, the less afraid of it he becomes, which takes power away from Satan, and gives it to Christ.